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A unique place to call home

... Chatham has been home to industry, manufacturing, design and innovation for some 400 years.

Today, those trades continue to flourish amongst a ‘mixed use community’ where traditional skills such as ship building and carpentry sit alongside 21st Century innovations in digital communications.

The Historic Dockyard is now home to 100 businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to sole traders and provides direct employment for skilled and non-skilled labour, making a very positive impact on the local economy.


Ever since a dockyard was established at Chatham it has been a place that people called home.


If you are looking for commercial property to rent, either office space or manufacturing/storage areas, and feel your company would benefit from being part of the vibrant community on site, then please contact us via the enquiry form below and we can discuss your needs in greater detail.



The University of Kent has a long association with The Historic Dockyard, growing from small beginnings to our largest tenant.




Residential properties


People living on site

Our Dockyard Community

The range of historic buildings and the location itself appeal to companies that want to connect to the history of the site and it is therefore unsurprising that a number of businesses have connections with the maritime industries.

Premises available to rent range from single offices suitable for one or two people to larger office suites and large industrial spaces and storage buildings, and as such appeals to a wide range of companies. We are also proud to work with Basepoint Centres who manage The Joiners Shop on site. This acts as an incubator space for a number of start-up companies and offers flexible accommodation in a serviced environment with an emphasis on the creative sector. Indeed, over the years The Historic Dockyard has gained a reputation for supporting and encouraging the creative industries – a number of whom have moved into larger premises within the site.

It is a testament to the attraction of The Historic Dockyard that a number of companies and individuals have remained with us for several years, with some being resident on site for over 20 years. Over the years, the occupation levels of our properties have always been near to 100% and the turnover of tenants has been very small, something that we are very proud of especially when viewed against the economic history of the past few years and compared to other locations in the area.