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Top Ten Collections – Overlord

19 September 2019

Introducing Overlord 

Overlord was one of 20 locomotives ordered by the Ministry of Defence in 1941 but was not named Overlord until 1992. She is a small diesel locomotive that was designed and built by Andrew Barclay, Sons & Co.Ltd.

With other locomotives, Overlord was used in the invasion of Europe and shipped from Southampton to Cherburg in September 1944. She returned to the UK in June 1946 and a few years later went to the Middle East returning to the UK in 1955.

Between May 1961 and October 1992, WD859 was allocated to the following locations;

  • Bicester Workshops,Arncott.
    15th May 1961-14th June 1961.
  • Royal Ordnance Factory, Featherstone, Wolverhampton.
    14th June 1961-1st April 1964.
  • Royal Ordnance Factory, Ruddington, Nottingham.
    1st April 1964-3rd August 1967.
  • Technical Store, Sinfin Lane, Derby.
    3rd August 1967-15th January 1971.
    Renumbered to ARMY 202 in 1968.
  • Bicester Workshops, Arncott.
    15th January 1971-25th May 1972.
  • Ordnance Storage and Disposal Depot, Branston, near Burton-on-Trent.
    25th May 1972-12th March 1975.
  • Command Engineer Park, Hessay, York.
    12th March 1975-15th August 1988.
  • Central Ammunition Depot, Longtown, Cumbria.
    15th August 1988-October 1992.

As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the D-Day landings in 1992, the locomotive was named Overlord.

After a long service in multiple countries, Overlord now lives on display with us at the Historic Dockyard.

In preparation for our Salute to the ‘40s event on 21st & 22nd September, Overlord is being painted in her original wartime colours. Take a look at the photos below…

Don’t miss out on a chance to see her at Salute to the ’40s this September in her wartime colours and watch her steam through the site.

Tickets are available to purchase at a discounted rate here.


In memory of Dave Lovering

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