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Meet new Museums Partnership Officer, Olivia Simpson

21 April 2023

Welcome aboard new Museums Partnership Officer, Olivia Simpson.

Olivia’s role supports our position as an Arts Council England funded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) and that of our museum partners, Guildhall Museum, The Beaney and The Amelia.   As an NPO, our role is to bring creativity and culture to the audiences and communities we serve, in turn supporting ACE’s Let’s Create strategy

Day to day, Olivia has an important role to in delivering our NPO obligations. Consistent monitoring and reporting on our audience activity plan is key to the role. But it’s not all reporting! Olivia gets to participate and experience the high-quality work being delivered by our teams and our partners (such as exhibitions, events, workshops, outreach etc.) in order to provide insightful feedback to Arts Council and the regional creative sector.

Olivia has always wanted to work in something cultural and creative – this stemmed from when she was at University. Last year she graduated from Sussex University, studying a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries. She has also worked in a variety of different industry roles such as libraries and film sets.

One thing Olivia is sure most people will not know about her role is just how many spreadsheets she works on. You may think she is always in galleries and museums, however, the job is a much more collaborative and administrative process. What makes the role special for her is interacting and building projects with the various teams.

Olivia also has a deep passion for the Dockyard and has been a long time visitor. When catching up with Olivia she shared,  “I think the Dockyard is a really special place. I’ve been visiting for 10 years, I just keep coming back because of how much there is to do. Every time you come back there are new things added and old things you may not have experienced before. I just love this place so much.”

During her free time, Olivia watches lots of classic cinema and facetiming her dogs which are still back at her family home in Sussex. Welcome to the team Olivia!

Find out more about our NPO partnership here.

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