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Educational Tours

Dive into a learning experience like no other

... educational tours and learning for all ages

Set in an impressive 80 acre complex, The Historic Dockyard Chatham provides a rich, authentic and varied learning environment, ideal for a wide range of educational tours and group sizes, from small classes to year groups*.

Packed with enormous, historic buildings to ignite the imagination, the site has ships to explore and galleries full of fascinating artefacts and stories to discover.

*on a self-directed visit

Latest news

The Government has now given the green light to educational school visits from September 2020. We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can continue delivering learning visits that are safe and enjoyable for everyone. With this in mind, there will be a few differences to how we operate our visits. These include:

School-only days: Schools can take advantage of booking a visit on days when the general visiting public will not be onsite.

Spaces reserved for educational activities: Rooms allocated for class use, separate from regular galleries and general public use. Rooms are sanitised and cleaned after each group’s visit.

Reserved lunch areas: Spaces set aside for classes to use for lunch. Again, sanitised and cleaned after each group’s visit.

Class ‘Bubble’ friendly site: With an 80-acre site, and multiple galleries and spaces, it is easy to keep class ‘bubbles’ separate from one another during the visit.

Complementary visits to group leaders and staff: For those members of staff planning a trip to the Dockyard, we offer complementary pre-visits to carry out any risk assessments required by your school. Complementary visits can be booked by contacting the Learning Team.

Crash Out On Cavalier

Overnight stay experience

Education and Youth Groups can take part in a unique overnight stay experience on board the Royal Navy’s last operational Second World War Destroyer HMS Cavalier. The group will receive guided instruction by the Learning team, stay overnight on board, then the next morning enjoy breakfast in one of our on-site restaurants. The sleepover experience can be enhanced with a Fish and Chips dinner in the Mess Deck restaurant, and with a full day of Learning activities on arrival, or after the night afloat.

“The Crash Out on Cavalier experience provided the children with the ultimate in practical resources and real-life experience to prepare their first-person diary writing. After a night in the bunks, the children were hooked and couldn’t wait to start; their enthusiasm was almost tangible.”

Gad’s Hill School

Home Educators

Home Educators can take advantage of the Learning Rates and Programmes by visiting with other Home Educator families. You will need a group of 15 school aged children minimum. Adults pay the pupil rate. Children under 5 have free entry. Families with annual tickets also have free entry.

This offer is for term time only and cannot be extended to school holidays or weekends.

To book a visit contact

We look forward to welcoming our Home Educated families to The Historic Dockyard Chatham.

"The workshop in the Ropery was fascinating and really engaged the children – I never expected that part to be so interesting. Children used phrases like… ‘Fantastic,’ ‘Best day ever,’ to describe their day".

Stoke Community School

"Excellent, informative staff. Passionate about sharing their knowledge. A Year 8 group with apathy before the trip engaged well and enjoyed the day."

Kent College, Canterbury

"I would like to say a massive thank you, the children had a great time and learnt so much . Please could you extend my thanks once again to our guides, who were not only extremely knowledgeable but had a great way of putting the information across to the children in an exciting yet simple way, so that they could fully understand the information at all times."

Year 2 Kingfisher Primary School

"Experiencing the Air Raid Shelter first hand was far more enlightening than just discussions in class. Both the children and staff found the visit very informative and an enjoyable experience."

Southborough Church of England Primary School, Tunbridge Wells

"It’s the hands on experiences that children remember."

St George’s Church of England Primary, Wrotham

"We just wanted to send a thank you for giving us such a wonderful time. We really enjoyed going through the Ocelot and making our boats and rockets. Thank you for all your help."

Class 5 Sheldwich Primary School

"Thank you for a wonderful day out which was thoroughly enjoyed by the children and my staff when visiting the Dockyard, with particular emphasis on how well your staff organised our day. Thank you for all of your kind assistance in making our class trip a truly memorable occasion."

Sedley’s C of E Primary
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Please email to tell us as much as you can about the visit you’re planning and a member of our learning team will contact you to discuss your plans in more detail.