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Nowhere can you get a sense of how British maritime innovation, engineering and design broke the mould than on our historic warships – HMS Gannet (1878), HMS Cavalier (1944) and HMS Ocelot (1962). From the moment you catch your first glimpse of these mighty vessels  you’ll sense the vision, grit and hard work that created them and the courage, determination and endurance of the sailors who sailed them.

A visit to our three Historic Warships will allow you to discover what life was really like onboard. Walk the decks of a Victorian sloop, command the bridge of a Second World War Destroyer and peer through the periscope of Cold War submarine. Each are examples of warships built, repaired or refitted at the Dockyard. The dockside cranes bear witness to the heavy-duty work that was carried out here.

Be prepared for a memorable experience as you climb aboard.

For your safety, and in line with the latest COVID-19 government guidelines, things are a little bit different to normal and there are a few changes to how you’ll explore our 80-acre site. Please read our KNOW BEFORE YOU GO page for the latest information.

HMS Gannet (1878)

... a sloop of the Victorian Royal Navy

HMS Gannet was built on the River Medway at Sheerness in 1878. Designed to patrol the world’s oceans, she ‘flew the flag’ protecting British interests around the world, including the South Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

HMS Cavalier (1944)

... the National Destroyer Memorial

Built in 1944, HMS Cavalier served in the Arctic, Western Approaches and British Pacific Fleet before finally paying off at Chatham in 1972.

HM Submarine Ocelot (1962)

... the last warship built at Chatham

Launched in 1962, HM Submarine Ocelot was one of 57 submarines built at Chatham between 1908 and 1966. She served during the Cold War in the Arctic, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean and Baltic Seas.

Visit the HMS Cavalier Virtual Reality Experience

“You really get a sense of life onboard these ships covering over 400 years of maritime history”

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Welcome aboard ...