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A treasure house of maritime treats, the expansive No.1 Smithery was begun in 1801 to help meet the Dockyard’s growing need for ironwork.

Today, in a joint project between the Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust, Royal Museums Greenwich and Imperial War Museums, you are invited to unearth incredible stories through paintings, detailed ship models and intriguing artefacts, including a large and meticulous scale model of the Dockyard which was presented to George III in 1774.

No.1 Smithery is also home to our temporary exhibition gallery which hosts a programme of changing exhibitions throughout the year – all included as part of your entry ticket to the Dockyard.


  • The permanent exhibition gallery in No.1 Smithery will be closed to visitors on 3 May
  • Half of the permanent exhibition gallery in No.1 Smithery will be open to visitors from 4 May – 10 May

Maritime Treasures

No.1 Smithery’s main gallery, National Museums: Maritime Treasures features a world class collection of maritime models, art and fascinating objects from the collections of the National Maritime Museum and Imperial War Museums.

Collections & Research

National Museums: Collections and Research is a state of the art environmentally controlled study area and storage space for over 3,000 models and artefacts from the National Maritime Museum’s and Imperial War Museum’s ship model collections.

The Courtyard

At the heart of No.1 Smithery is The Courtyard, a large open space that allows you to view most of the original building with its huge anchor pits, chimneys and rugged industrial feel.

“I was simply blown away by this gallery. The model ships are built as if they were about to set sail. Amazing!”

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